• The simplest way to subscribe is online. Click here to sign up.

    This link allows you to upload specific details such as your logo, testimonials, photos, etc.

    (If you do not have a logo, let us know. We do them free of charge for our clients).

    You can also simply contact us and we will take you through the subscription process.

  • Once we receive your subscription, we will commence work on the first draft of your site. This draft is just that – it is where we provide imagery that we think matches your practice, as well as colours designed to create consistent branding for your business. 

    This first draft is typically available within two working days of your subscription.

    Once you have received this, we invite your comments and requests. Where this feedback happens quickly, then we can quickly progress to creating the final draft of your site.

    Fully functioning websites can be up and running in just a few days.

  • The domain name is yours. We encourage you to register this yourself, thus ensuring that there is never any confusion that the domain name is yours.

    (In case you were wondering, the domain name is the address of the site. www.dover.com.au is a domain name).

    The simplest way to organize a domain name is to use someone like www.panthur.com.au. It costs just $1 per month to register a name with them. It all happens online and you receive the registration details immediately.

    Once your site is ready to be placed online, you provide us with some of those registration details and we will publish the site.

  • The host of a website is the computer on which the files for the website are held. All ACES websites are hosted on our computer. We need this to be the case as it is not possible for us to place new material on or make changes to sites that we do not host. There is no additional fee for website hosting. 

  • One of the best things about having your own domain name is that you can have a professional looking email address. No more yourname@yahoo.com for you. And every time you give someone your email address you also advertise your website.

    Like websites, emails need to be hosted. But email hosting is different to website hosting. Emails are typically hosted on the server of a large internet service provider. This is because there is a lot more activity related to hosting emails and these large internet service providers, such as Microsoft and Google, use their enormous economies of scale to provide this service at a tiny cost.

    We recommend that ACES subscribers use one of the following email hosting services:

    If you are having any trouble organizing one of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will organize this for you.

  • Our graphic designers can easily develop a logo for you. There is no charge for doing so.

    If you already have a logo that you would like us to adapt, we can do that for you. You need only to tell us the changes that you would like to make.

    If you do not have a logo, but you have an idea of what you would like, then simply jot down those ideas. Draw a stick figure diagram if you like.

    If you do not know what your logo should look like, please simply contact us and we are happy to discuss.

    Here are some of the logos that we have developed:

  • ACES websites have around 50 new articles published on them each year. The first of these is published in mid-January, and then content is created every week until Christmas.

    The content is based on the following:

    • First week of the month: Newsletter. The newsletter is a PDF document that contains all of the blog articles published since the previous newsletter, plus a market update for the property and share markets as of the date of publication. The newsletters all contain your branding, etc.  
    • Middle week of the month: Ebook. The ebook is a large HTML document that is placed on your website, and thus appears as your own work. The ebooks concentrate on large themes, such as family homes, superannuation, business planning, estate planning, etc.
    • Every other week of the month: blog articles. The blog articles are predominantly chosen to be consistent with the ebook being published in that month. So, if the ebook is about the family home, so the blog articles for that month will discuss that also. If an unexpected event happens (such as Brexit, relevant legislative change, etc), then we will publish a blog on that event, with a particular emphasis on how that event is likely to affect clients.

    All of our content is professionally-written, and is targeted towards helping the reader solve a particular problem that they or someone they know is likely to face. We assiduously avoid content that is only of interest to financial advisers (think of those really interesting articles you see discussing the latest tax ruling for amateur fly fishermen in the Coorong). Everything about the ACES sites is designed to be client-focused.

  • Up-front costs

    There are no upfront costs in the ACES program. Subscribers simply commence paying a monthly subscription once all elements of their ACES package are operational.

    Subscribers are invoiced on a monthly basis. There is no charge for the first month in which full services are provided. For clarity: if a website is operational before the 14th day of a month, then that month is counted for the first free month.

    Invoices are issued for the second and subsequent months.


    No lock-in period

    There is no minimum period of subscription. You can discontinue whenever you want.

    As stated above, if you discontinue your subscription before the end of the third month for which an invoice is issued, there is nothing to pay. If you discontinue your subscription after that time, then you will be invoiced for the month in which you unsubscribe, but there will be no additional payments.

    How to Discontinue

    If you do not wish to continue as an ACES subscriber, simply send an email to aces@dover.com.au telling us that you wish to discontinue.

  • What happens to contact details that people provide via my website?

    Every ACES website invites visitors to the site to provide their contact details. When this happens, the contact details belong to the adviser, not ACES. This enables you to add that person to your distribution list, or to contact them in other ways.

    If a person from the ACES list becomes a client, whose client are they?

    ACES does not want individual financial planning clients! Whenever someone contacts you, that person becomes your client.

    Who owns the content on the site?

    Content (words, videos and images) provided by Dover or ACES is yours to use while you subscribe. If you unsubscribe you may no longer use that content.

    Content provided by you remains yours during and after your subscription.

    Who owns the domain name for the site?

    You do.

    If I unsubscribe, can I ‘buy’ the site from ACES?

    No, we only make sites available to subscribers. If you unsubscribe, we will discuss with you a date after which we will no longer host your site. While we will of course return any material you have provided to us, unfortunately we cannot make the architecture of your site available to another host.